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Paula Wackenheim

Director of Public Policy & Initiatives

and Initiatives serving Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana Alliance of YMCAs.

The Y is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose and each other. The Oklahoma Alliance of YMCAs represents the collective voice and leverages the collective impact of all 8 independent Oklahoma YMCAs and fosters statewide communication and collaboration.

Annually, Oklahoma YMCAs serve people in over 36 communities across the Sooner State and provide more than $4.6 million in private financial assistance to ensure our programs are affordable and accessible for all. With almost 5,500 volunteers and over 3,581 employees, the Y is making a difference in Oklahoma communities every day.

The Y recognizes the importance of working together to create lasting social and personal change. We have the community's trust to convene, partner, and support community collaborations with schools, government agencies, faith based organizations, businesses and others. 

The Oklahoma Alliance of YMCAs is proud to serve as a member of coalitions to fight hunger, ensure after school access for all, and improve health outcomes for our state. 

Paula Wackenheim
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