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Our Team

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Jahaziel Hiriart

Network Director


Hear My Name

Jahaziel (ha-see-elle) Hiriart (hee-ree-art) serves as the director of our network. She is responsible for creating a sustainable afterschool statewide network, strengthening its structure, fostering regional and local partnerships, and supporting systems and resources for afterschool in our state. She oversees the network’s initiatives and operations, including policy development and field projects.


Jahaziel has more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit field – as a field practitioner and program provider, designer, board member, director, founder, and advisor. She holds degrees in political science, international business, and soon, educational psychology. 


Jahaziel is passionate about afterschool because she benefited greatly from it growing up. She participated in a dance program where her instructor was the caring adult she needed through hard times. This experience impacted her so much that she founded Latin Dance 918, a nonprofit that provides access to Afro-Caribbean/Latin dance opportunities.

Jahaziel feels in harmony with her purpose when uplifting others and serving her community. She enjoys dancing, jogging, rollerblading, listening to audiobooks/podcasts, trying (and Yelping about!) delicious food, and traveling with the love of her life, John Bizjack.

Steering Committee

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Science and Technology Class

Each of our committees consists of at least one representative from the Executive Committee and interested network members. Interested in joining our Steering Committee or any other standing committee? Click here.


Executive Committee

Takes active leadership role serving as Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or Committee Chairs. Members provide organizational direction and oversight. Members act on behalf of the full steering committee.

In the Classroom

Policy & Advocacy Committee

Pursues a shared policy agenda to increase the quality and availability of afterschool programs. Assesses local, state, and federal legislative and other policy opportunities. Develops strategies and materials to raise public awareness. Provides outreach to relevant policymakers.

Kids Running

Quality Committee

Promotes the adoption of a common system of quality standards statewide and the development of capacity-building, assessment, and evaluation tools linked to standards. Addresses a wide variety of data collection and usage issues and promotes the use of best practices statewide. Facilitates information sharing and resource coordination to identify and meet the needs of the afterschool field for professional development across the entire workforce continuum.

Kid with Basketball

Sustainability Committee

Fosters and maintain relationships with potential funders and identify funding sources/opportunities. Members focus on the creation of a fundraising plan tied to the strategic focus and are responsible for creating a steering committee succession plan.

Kids robot

STEM Committee

Facilitates information sharing and resource coordination to identify and meet the needs of the afterschool field for STEM professional development. Helps to develop resources and materials related to high-quality STEM programming and collect data on STEM programs in the state.

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